Saturday, April 18, 2009

Time to buy a lottery ticket

Talk about miraculous. No apparent serious damage caused. From the NZ Herald online. Click here for full story.


12:05PM Saturday Apr 18, 2009

    “BIRMINGHAM, Alabama - A woman who was shot in the head not only survived but made herself tea and offered an astonished deputy something to drink, authorities said yesterday.

    Tammy Sexton, 47, remained hospitalised three days after being wounded by her husband, who killed himself after he shot his wife. A bullet struck her squarely in the forehead, passed through her skull and exited through the back of her head, authorities said. She is expected to fully recover.

    The sheriff called the case bizarre.”


    1. I take it she had nothing inside her head to damage then!

    2. Incredible. Wow.

      My mother is from Alabama, and I think she was born in Birmingham or Montgomery? lol I can't recall?

      I have a ton of relatives who live there too.

      Red mud, yuck!

    3. You charmer Stu! You really are a glass half empty kind of guy lol.

    4. Might be a relative of yours Tim. Blows me away that anyone can survive an injury like that.

    5. I love the way the sheriff calls the case ‘bizarre’ and also ‘a miracle from God’. He’d better be careful.


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