Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some things

About me. Kate shared 38 things about herself and inspired me to waste some time doing the same thing. I don’t know though whether I can come up with anywhere near 38 things to share – I’ll aim for 20. If you feel you know quite enough about me already, then read no further :-)

1) I love sailing. I love all kinds of boats.

2) My graPlum blossomnd-dad died when I was 8 and I thought it was my fault. We were visiting and he told me off for knocking an unripe plum off the tree. I thought it was unfair and I told my sister that I hoped he choked on his stupid plums. He died unexpectedly that night (though not by choking TG).

3) I often do the housework with 1970’s ‘power ballads’ blaring from the stereo. Embarrassing but true!

4) At 19 I fell out of a car travelling at about 90 kph and lost most of the skin off my back.

5) I am addicted to a locally made soap opera called Shortland Street. It’s a medical soap. I watch way too much television.

6) Guns freak me out completely.

7) I was a representative netball player in my late teens. I worked hard and finally made the under 20 regional team. I badly turned my ankle in only the second game of the season.  That was that.

8)  My favourite movie is The Shawshank Redemption.ball

9) I callously dumped my date at my senior ball because he was pissing me off. That’s me in the black with my crew. Forgive the fashion it was 1982.

10) My favourite actor is Sean Penn.

11) I am a real girl when it comes to horses. I love them. They’re beautiful. I’m not a bad rider though I rarely get a chance to do it these days.

12) I have tiny feet and hands. My left foot though is a full size bigger than my right foot. I know, I know…I’m a freak!

13) I love tequila. The buzz is great.

14) A Saturday morning ritual for me is daydreaming over the real estate section of the weekend newspaper. I fantasise about owning a piece of land by the sea.

15) My favourite board game is Trivial Pursuit. I hate Monopoly.

16)  When I first saw and heard this beautiful wee girl on Britains Got Talent, I almost cried.

Connie Talbot

17) I don’t eat much red meat.

18) The calculator on my quitting blog site tells me I have not had a cigarette for 300 days and not smoked 10,800 cigarettes.

19) Cryptic crosswords are my daily habit. I’m not great at them but I enjoy trying.  I don’t do Sudoku.

20) I love candles and big wrought iron candelabra.

Join in if you’re so inclined and have the time.


  1. I did cry when I saw the little girl sing, I think even Simon Cowell and to fight back the tears.

  2. Hi louise, I have sent you an award, check it out here

  3. I just cried when they decide to air Britain's Got Talent!

  4. lol Stu - you ol' cynic :-)

  5. Lou, you're a woman after my own heart!
    If I ever get to NZ, we'll have a dinner of anything but red meat, watch Shawshank, and then anything with Sean Penn, and drink tequila!

  6. Great list, Lou. I tried to do one yesterday after I read Kate's, but my life just isn't list worthy.

    Well, unless it's the shit-list. lmao!!

  7. Helen - thanks girl. I really appreciate that!

    Bob - what a bummer you don't live just down the road. I'd love to hang out.

    Tim - it is quite tough to do actually. I could have kept going a biut longer but I got bored with it if I'm honest.

  8. Lou, I think I'm gonna have to agree with Tim on this one.

    I did, however, enjoy reading your list!

  9. I heart Sean Penn and netball.

  10. Tam your comment made me think of SP in a netball skirt :-0

    ...not such a hot thought!


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