Saturday, April 25, 2009


Knowledge is power – Part 1, Ethics

Copy this whole post into your blog. Remove one question and insert an alternative on the same topic. Remove my answers and add your own. Publish. It’s that simple!


1) Have you ever lied about having read something because you thought it made you sound smarter to say you had read it?

Yes. I hereby admit I have never read Crime and Punishment. There I’ve said it. Actually when I think about it, I don’t recall ever having told anyone that I had read C & P but I must have done it with some book or other over the years so I’ll freely admit that one is a yes.

2) A shop keeper makes a mistake and gives you an extra $20 in your change. You notice immediately. What do you do?

9 out of 10 times I  would point out the mistake. Unless I was particularly poor at that moment when I might be tempted to convince myself that I was the one who’d got it wrong. Shame!

3) There’s a good friends party that going to be a ripper on the same night as yet another of your kid’s piano/drama/ballet recitals. You can’t go to both. What do you do?

Make my excuses for the recital – there’ll be another one in a couple of months (there always is).

4) Do you ever exaggerate the facts when re-telling a  story?

Almost always. My philosophy is to never let the truth get in the way of a good story. All my friends know this though so they factor it in. P.s. if you didn’t know this about me then you haven’t read my profile.

5) Have you ever twisted the truth slightly to gain entry to something at a reduced price?

No, I’m a nerd like that.


  1. Sooo, you're human? That's good to know.

    I tried to Skype you today, but no answer. :(

  2. Sorry Tim I downloaded the latest Skype version (4.0) and it was playing havoc with my 'puter so I uninstalled it - dunno what the prob was as have never had an issue like that before.

  3. We're all huge exaggeraters! (My family, that is)


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