Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Breaking News

NZ BREAKING NEWS 6:23pm 28/4/09 : NZ HeraldTamifluThe World Health Organisation's Melbourne laboratory has just confirmed 3 positive H1N1 cases in Auckland, NZ.

Full pandemic planning had been in operation here for nearly a week after Influenza A was first identified in student groups from 3 separate high schools returning from Mexico with flu symptoms.

Actual swine flu (H1N1) in 3 samples has been publicly confirmed 3 hours  ago making New Zealand the 6th country with confirmed cases after Mexico, the US, Canada, Spain and France.

Crossing fingers down under and counting on our government having it together for us.

Scary that it's in my town.


  1. At least NZ sounds prepared.
    In Mexico so many don't have health coverage and don't get any treatment at all. Carlos has family there and they're telling scary stories of life in Mexico City lately.
    Hope you and your son are fine.

  2. at this stage - i'm just watching the numbers grow. bird flu seemed to move slower than this

  3. I wasn't concerned at first, but it's getting scary now. Stay safe and well. Hugs.

  4. Holy Guano, Batgirl - please stay safe.

  5. It's just starting to worry me too.

  6. It's time to try and trust the powers that be to do the right thing and hope the media don't blow it out of all proportion.

  7. Eat lots of garlic to boost the immune system. (It will keep more than the flu away).

    I thought all flu was either swine flu or bird flu. After all -- long ago in medical microbiology class -- we learned that every flu virus started in China's close living quarters with the chickens and pigs.

  8. Going to be interesting to see how this unfolds.

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  10. Bob that's too true at least we have a free public health system, we have Tamiflu and we have clean water etc. We do count our blessings believe me.

    Uamada I think you're right - numbers do seem to be climbing but apart from the poor souls in Mexico, people aren't actually dying so far.

    Xanadu - me too. Thanks.

    DuPree lol, you're funny and thanks, we'll try.

    Kate it's scary not knowing where it'll next pop up. I hate that I sneezed today at work (with courtesy i.e into a tissue) but everyone looked at me.

    Stu the message we're getting here is that it's right to be concerned but there's no need to panic. Already our 3 confirmed cases (secondary school students who were in Mexico a week ago) have recovered. Encouraging signs.

    SunTiger I have no idea sorry about the history of flu but thanks for garlic idea - we eat lots already but I'll bump intake further :-)

    DD yes it will - hopefully without too many deaths. The NZ tourism industry is already battered from the recession, we can't take a quarantine situation as well. How about a lovely relaxing holiday in wet, rainy, swine flu infested NZ this winter? Anybody? Please?

    Moko I know what you mean. I was in a mall this afternoon and I am so conscious of how close we all are when places like that are busy.


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