Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dolphin play

My sister and her kids just got back from a trip down the east coast to visit some relatives in Gisborne. While they were down there they spent a couple of hours watching and playing with Moko at Mahia beach.

Moko is a young, wild bottlenose dolphin who arrived at Mahia a couple of years ago and has stayed ever since. He loves to play and Helen said though it was too cold to swim, they were playing fetch with him for ages and he was like a dog in that he never got tired of it.

I just spotted this very short video on You Tube that shows Moko playing fetch so I thought I’d share. I don’t know the young guy in the video at all.

Moko, Mahia, NZ


  1. Neat stuff, Lou. Your country is so beautiful. Never mentioned it before, but wifey's lil' brother is down your way at least twice a year. He works at McMurdo Station.

  2. We did the whole dolphin thing when we went to Moreton Island, in Brisbane last year with the kids it was great.

  3. Sweet!

    And thanks for your kind words on my blog, Lou. Unfortunately, due to local hassles that particular blog is going to become a fair bit less personal. I can't 'friend-lock' it. I can only leave it public, or open it only to people by invitation... so I'm choosing to do the former, but moderate the content.

    I'll keep the family on LiveJournal, where I can lock certain posts to friends-only. It's regrettable, but that's what it's come to. You can always look me up there, if you like.


  4. I've always thought of dolphins as sort of magical creatures. They are so beautiful to watch, graceful and playful.
    It must be a thrill to actully play with one.
    I'm a wee bit jealous this morning.

  5. I love dolphins and whales and love watching nature programmes about them.


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