Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Collateral damage

  • 24 albatrosses
  • 32 shags
  • 5 endangered yellow-eyed penguins (hoiho)
  • 9 common dolphins, 3 fur seals and 1 great white sharkRoyal Albatross

This is the ‘by-catch’ of set-net fishing boats in our coastal waters in one recent two month period, reports the NZ Herald.

The Ministry of Fisheries has run an observer programme on all New Zealand set-net boats. The by-catch was recorded and the results are much worse than was thought. 

24 albatrosses? That blows me away as I’m sure it would anyone who’s ever seen one of these magnificent birds.

The fishing industry and the Department of Conservation continue toHectors Dolphin “…look at the merits of various ideas to reduce unintended catch”. Some improvement has already been made in managing seabird by-catch but Forest and Bird rightfully continue their call for a nationwide ban on set nets in an effort to further reduce the carnage.

Good work is going on to protect our tiny endangered Hector’s dolphins and the almost extinct Maui dolphins (only 111 left at last count) but is it too late? 

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  1. Makes me angry.

    Born and bred in Dunedin we used to venture out to Tairoa Heads occasionally. Most magnificent thing you've ever seen is an Albatross cruising over head.

  2. Crikey. 14 degs?. Screw that. 21 here at night.

  3. Moko - sh*t yeah it's getting cold here - you mean you don't miss it? I've been out to Taiaroa Heads once and I agree.

  4. wow. just... wow.
    there has to be a better way

  5. I agree with k. There has to be a better way. Yikes! Hugs.

  6. Animals suffer in a big way to feed mankind!

    14C that is here on a hot summers day!

  7. Set-netting is a killer! Is it going on off your coast? Are you making your voice heard about it?

  8. Thank you Lou, checked your blog today - veru interesting too ;)

    I'll keep popping by just to see how things are.


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