Wednesday, April 1, 2009

With malice



Ring ring, ring ring (my land line)


 “Hi, Lou here”

(Mature woman’s voice) “Whoever you are, stop ringing me”

“Sorry? Who is this?”

“My name is (bleep bleep) and I keep getting missed calls from this number on my cell phone with no messages left.”

“Oh. It’s just me and my kid living here – wait a minute; I have a teenage son, any chance you have a teenage son or daughter that he might be trying to reach?”

“My children are grown up. Stop ringing this number or I’ll call the police. I will only warn you once. I’m filing an immediate complaint with Telecom about the malicious calls.”

..and hangs up. Hard.

Total over-reaction to a wrong number I think but011208 as I don’t have caller ID on my land line, I don’t know if Rory has been calling her number for some reason.  He’s at his dads tonight but I’ll figure it out when I talk to him tomorrow.

I’ll be checking the next phone bill that arrives. Weird. 


I always want to say ‘have a great day’ or some such at the end of my posts but I can’t as a couple of you are reading at the end of the day straight after I post while others are reading at the end of the previous day and still others of you are actually reading earlier on today (I think that about covers all 5 of you who visit)

It’s  a life long mystery actually, I’ve never fully gotten my head around the concept that the Antipodes have already finished the day when the other side of the planet is just starting out – surely we down under should be able to take advantage of this situation somehow - it just seems plain ungrateful to squander a God given head start.

Auckland, NZAuckland, NZ    

Good night. Good day.


  1. Anyone else got anything abnormal going on with publishing tonight? This post is definately here (I mean I am commenting on it I think) but it's not showing up on my blog unless I go through my back catalogue - first of the month glitch maybe?

  2. Good Morning and Good Night, Lou.

    Every so often I get 'the glitch' on my blog, where a post won't show, unless I dig through the archives. And then all of the sudden it's back up.

    I'd like to know what happens with your caller "friend." Ever since we moved to Smallville we've been getting calls for a Jaunita Stuckey--if you're out there Juantia, tell your peeps to knock it off--and it's been going on two-an-a-half years!

    Anyhow.......Good Morning (here) and Good Night (there).

  3. Living way over on the other side to you is strange with the night and day difference. My wife is Australian, and the hours difference when she calls her sister has to be observed most times as it is horrible to be woken so early on a Sunday when her sister is just finishing her day off in Melbourne.

  4. I wonder if she called your number by accident? That would be really funny if she did, lol.

  5. Boys will be boys. At least it wasn't some psycho girlfriend Rory dumped demanding to talk to him, demanding to know where he was, and then calling every 2 minutes asking for him because she thinks you're lying to her that he isn't there or that you won't let her speak to him.

    I've been through that with one of Amber's old boyfriends. It was insane. I actually had to change our phone number and then go to court and get a restraining order against the guy.


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