Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Limerick laughter

I know that the limerick is considered the very poor and somewhat back water cousin of ‘proper’ poetry but I have always been a big fan of all things licentious and bawdy.

There was a young fellow named Hyde

Who fell down a privy and died

His unfortunate brother

Then fell down another

And now they’re interred side by side

Spot the pun in the last line?  Chuckle.

There was a young girl whose frigidity

Approached cataleptic rigidity

Till you gave her a drink

When she quickly would sink

In a state of complaisant liquidity

From ‘The Lure of the Limerick’ compiled by William Baring-Gould and published by Wordsworth Editions Ltd 1989.


  1. Sigh- I knew I couldn't write poetry. lol Good stuff, Lou. Now stop using all the big words! :-P

  2. "interred'

    Love it!
    I love poetry AND a good bawdy limerick.
    Is that so wrong? =)

  3. Tim lol, I'll try.

    Bob - I am the same and there's nothing wrong with that at all!!

  4. Limericks definitely deserve more respect - there are some brilliant ones!!!


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