Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Unconsummated I presume?

Great story in yesterdays New Zealand Herald. Even Germans screw things up sometimes.

Bride spent wedding night with crate of vodka reports Reuters.

A German bride spent her wedding night flaked out next to a crate of vodka before being rescued by police. Cologne police were forced to rescue the 30-year-woman when the BMW she was unconscious in began to overheat in the sun. Once roused she climbed out of the broken window, still wearing her wedding dress. The boozy bride apparently had no idea where her husband was.


Photo courtesy of Essex Wedding Services.








Happy Birthday to me!!

44 years ago today my tiny little mother gave birth to an 11lb (pre metric days here in 1965) monster.

I have another day off work today so I am heading off shortly for a leisurely lunch with my best mate and then to collect the new car later this afternoon. This evening a big group of us are meeting at my favourite Thai restaurant for dinner.

The family dinner was last night and lovely pressies were had including my favourite perfume, a new coffee mug and vouchers to spend at Repco on my new car (seat covers or whatever).

I’ve also been splashing out, ostensibly for my birthday, on tickets; me and 2 friends going to Cirque du Soleil on Saturday coming and another friend and I scored VIP Pearl Jam tickets for November.

Fanfreakintastic! Life is good!


  1. dearest lou - happy birthday!
    you'll love cirque de soleil - it is amazing.
    many happy returns for all the fours.

  2. Well a very happy birthday to you Lou. It sounds like you are spending it just as you should with friends and family doing things you enjoy. Cheers.

  3. Happy birthday, Lou: I hope you enjoy it. Stay clear of the vodka.

  4. Happy birthday wishes, love! Sending you all the best!

  5. Happiest birthday to you, Lou! I hope this year is your best one yet. :D

  6. Well Happy Happy Birthday -- in Canada its still your birthday!!!!

    As for your mom - -OUCH!!!!

  7. Thank you all very much. I've had the best day and it's not even over yet. Got to my grilfriends this morning and she had a beautician there and we had facials and miscellaneous maintenance work completed before we sat down to her vegetarian canelloni and a beautiful shiraz. Collected my new car later this afternoon and off to dinner shortly for more friends and fun.

  8. Happy Birthday Lou, Hope you have a stunner of a day.

  9. Felicitations! My friends are quite jealous of the Pearl Jam tickets - they sold out in seconds over here. Enjoy your day.

  10. Thanks DD and Vole - a great day was had. Yes the PJ tickets sold out here pronto too but we persevered and hit the jackpot.

  11. Happy birthday, Lou.
    Revel in it all, it's your day!

  12. Happy Belated - sorry I wasn't in time for the official day, but glad that the celebrations will continue into the weekend -- enjoy Cirque!

  13. Thanks Bobby and wench - I appreciate the good vibes!!


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