Monday, August 10, 2009

Found it, bought it

Car purchase completed today. Nissan AvenirIt’s a 2004 Nissan Avenir. I even found one in a colour I like, it’s a pearly silvery pale blue. I get to collect it on Wednesday the 12th which is my birthday so that’s kind of extra cool.

Thank goodness that process is over with and hopefully I won’t need to do it again for another few years.


  1. Congrats. Enjoy the nice ride.

  2. Pretty car; the color sounds very nice.
    And it was a rather quick and painless process?

  3. I know little about car types, but the silver colour is a bonus. I had to settle for a nearly black one when I bought one six years ago: nothing like black for getting ridiculously hot in summer.

    Oh yes, hope you managed to get a manual gearbox version. I can understand the aversion to automatics!

  4. Well you did it. Ran the gauntlet of car dealers and came out a survivor.
    I like it.

  5. I can't drive, so if I bought a car it would be purely for adornment. On that basis, I'd like a Morris Minor convertible and a 60s Citroen DS. Every time I think about driving lessons, I go for more violin lessons instead, as I have the luxury of living near work on a small island.

  6. Congrats on the purchase - love the sound of the colour!!! Neat birthday present.

  7. Thanks Punch. Yayyyy I'm rapt.

    Yeah you're right Bob - wasn't so bad though I did look at at least 30 cars over the weekend and test drove 5 or 6. I guess it could be said I don't have a lot of patience :-)

    Simon - major qualms but bought an auto. My first ever but that's all that's being imported these days apparently. In all my looking over the last couple of weeks I have only seen 1 manual in the 'vintage' I was looking for. Took this one for a couple of hours drive yesterday and once I got the hang of what to do with the accelerator and how to make it change up/down as I wanted, I kind of feel OK about it. PS Simon I read all your posts (and even laugh occasionally when I get it) but am intimidated to leave a comment most times as you're way too clever for me.

    You're right Lori - I've been somewhat unfair. Most were pretty good actually.

    Vole - my first car was a Morris Minor (before Jap imports took over here in the 90's) though not a convertible. Good little car. Actually that's a lie, it was a piece of shit but only cause it was a wreck. Our public transport here is shite though slowly improving. You must be pretty good at the violin though if you were to visit NZ you'd be driving in a fortnight - no choice if you ever want to go anywhere :-)

    Thanks Joanne - it's worked out great.

  8. I drive a Nissan as well. They really hold onto their resale value. Congrats! And Happy Early Birthday! *hugs*

  9. Good choice. Glad that stress is out of your life. I think you're going to be real happy with that one. Nice color too.

  10. Yeah you're right about that jj - it was starting to stress me out.


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