Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two for Tuesday

I) Winter weather update, Papakura, NZ



It’s 6:45am and I’m heading out the door again.

The days are definitely stretching out, it’s light already and next door’s rooster is crowing. Yes you heard that right – I live in suburbia and my neighbour keeps chooks and a rooster. I like it actually, he keeps the rooster in the shed at night so any crowing is muffled but throughout the day we can hear the hens clucking and doing their thing. A friendly ‘down home’ kind of sound.

Looks like it’s going to be yet another rainy day just for a change. The temperature is slowly (very slowly) climbing though and we haven’t had an icy start to the day for weeks. Spring is in the air.


II) Cottage Envy

I adore the red doors - they stand out so dramatically against the new whitewashing and through the deep green foliage that leads down to the pond. II love the solidity of the stone wall and the little iron gate. Such a romantic setting.


  1. Painting a door red really says something about the owner. No shrinking violet here.
    I remember reading that in the new cookie cutter subdivisions that any of the ones with a yellow door sold first. How odd.

  2. Summer is on the way here too. I am already making plans to unearth the fans before we are felled by the first truly hot day around here.

    I have to admit to having a rather boring front door, except for the welcoming sign, bought by one of my sons. Declaring: "Welcome to the Nuthouse." Darling boy.

  3. Ahhh the longer days are coming and ours are getting shorter -- such is life on this wonderful planet.

    In my old house I went very dramatic with my front door - -painted it a very deep dark rich teal -- loved it.

  4. I have a boring varnished wooden door though it is a lovely big solid one. I would love a red door but I'm now wondering what that might say about me Lori though we all know I'm no shrinking violet. The teal sounds lovely Joanne - what colour is your current door?

    I would melt if I lived in Queensland Daze - way too hot for me. I like a temperate climate though I could easily live without Auckland's horrid summer humidity.


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