Thursday, August 6, 2009

Man vs Wild

Quick rant.

Seems like every time I turn on the TV there is someone eating gross stuff that just shouldn’t be eaten.


If it’s not Man vs Wild and the decidedly odd Bear someoneorother, then it’s Fear Factor or NZ’s own Island Wars shiteFries.


My stomach turns immediately when I witness such carry on and I’m sick of it - can’t people just go to Maccas like the rest of us normal folk?


  1. Reality tv has a lot to answer for. Shock value seems the new 'norm'. Because of this my favourite button on the tv remote is still the 'off' button.

  2. I cannot watch those shows.
    I. Don't. Get. It.

  3. I don't ever watch them but I would probably eat a bug before McDonald's food. Yuck.
    I can't even remember the last time. Many, many years and not because I am a healthy food guru.

    I think they make these shows because they are less expensive to make than a drama or comedy series. Sheer laziness and greed.

  4. I need to pretend that all meat comes in those lovely celo-wrapped packages at the supermarket.

    I can't stand anything that is recognizable or still has a face on it.


  5. Bear Grylls. Which is a recipe, not a name.

    He and the other hard men were exposed as frauds recently - they were staying in hotels rather than roughing it overnight, and having the animals caught for them. My favourite was when foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay surfaced with a fish on his spear and shouted 'Yes! I feel like a fucking man now!' - it turned out that someone else had caught the unfortunate thing for him…

  6. I CANNOT watch any of those things. I am a foodie and LOVE food shows but hate anything that doesn't come from "my" supermarket. Like Dupree said my meat arrives on this planet all wrapped nicely in cello.

  7. That Man v. Wild guy is even more twisted than *I* am. Grub is the name of some biker ain't somethin' to chomp on. And forget about that Fear Factor freak....belchin' up bull's balls, washin' down worm's wangs with water 'n eatin' eye of knute or what-have-u. Not for ME baby. I'll stick to my good ol' homemade slop ANY day.

  8. OK so it's not just me then lol?


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