Saturday, August 8, 2009

Scary stuff

The lovely edder from I Don’t Care for your Tone came up with a list of  her fears. It’s quite the list though quite different from what scares me.

In no particular order:

  1. Slipping on the edge of swimming pools. A friend broke her hip when we were 10 and since then I’m always very very careful.
  2. Cancer.
  3. Eels. I grew up swimming in rivers and occasionally in the deep swimming holes you’d feel something big and slippery against your leg. Things in the sea don’t scare me in anywhere near the same way.
  4. Migraine headaches. Once the ‘aura’ starts the race is on to get home and into a dark room for what is inevitably 12 hours of vomiting and suicide inducing pain. Hell.
  5. Something bad happening to my son.
  6. Spiders. Especially those Camel Spiders that Moko told me about the other day on Twitter - check out a picture here. EEEEEEK.
  7. Dying alone.

What scares you?


  1. Snakes and that guy and his junk I just posted about.

  2. all bogus, to witt:
    1)you were 10 a friend had a fall, and you are scart' for fuckin' ever! what's with that.
    2) cancer is only as real as you make it.
    3) Eels, for crying out loud. I live in south florida, things eat you. (gators)
    4) I have had them and they are a bitch. Nothing to fear, they come and they go. They just hurt like a son of a bitch.
    5)this is a prayer that most mothers do not realize they are praying. When you visualize something bad happening to your son, that is your prayer. TRy visualizing something good happing to your son.
    6) who the hell is moko and why does he not like you? (be afraid, very afraid, bugga, bugga, buuggeaaa)
    7) We come into this world alone and we go out of this world alone. What we do in between is called life.

  3. Thanks Punch and just like that my fears are gone.

  4. Guess I am afraid to say what I am afraid of.

    Don't get me started on what Punch said about #7.

  5. Re Punch #2 - okay, I'll tell that to my dead husband shall I? What a crock.
    Lou, sorry your post elicited this cr*p.

  6. Lol Lorri - it takes all kinds eh?

  7. Flying (mixed with environmental guilt)
    Being uninformed/unprepared
    Talking to girls… not much has changed since I was ten.
    Unemployment - I'm hardly qualified for what I do, and now I'm institutionalised. The outside world really has no use for me any more!
    Asking people to turn down their stereos/pick up their litter, but somebody's got to do it when you live in a slum
    The man armed with a carving knife who told me he's see me soon when I suggested he left a woman and child alone. Luckily, he's in prison. For now.

    Thanks for your Friday conundrum post - makes most people's troubles/losses pale into insignificance.

  8. Those are scary things Vole- except for talking to girls :-) that's just funny! I'd be freaked too about the dude with the carving knife.


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