Thursday, August 13, 2009

Speed freak

A new land speed record has been set in Utah this morning (local time) by Dean Veale, 44, from Kaukapakapa, north of Auckland, NZ.

See for the lead story.

Veale set the new land speed record forVeale the 1650cc class of motorcycles at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

He was riding his special construction Hayabusa  motorcycle “White Elephant”.

The existing record for the class stood at 305 kph, but inspectors confirmed that Veale’s initial record breaking run yesterday has been confirmed by a backup run to lock in the new record at 311.2 kph (194.5 mph).

GO Kiwi. GO Kiwi. We might be flightless but we’re quick!


  1. Witty name for a bike too.

    Meanwhile in Christchurch:


  2. The legacy of Burt Munro lives on, I see! (Loved the film "The World's Fastest Indian" - but then I love Anthony Hopkins, too.)

    Now don't get any ideas and go zooming around too fast in that new car of yours, ok?

  3. Ahh I was going to mention Burt!!! Have to watch that movie again.
    Lou the Kiwi's have always been the daredevils of the world - -I mean who else would think of strapping a bungee cord around your ankles and jumping off a bridge?

  4. I too liked that movie though I don't get the whole record breaking thing that goes on. I am just not that competitive I guess.

  5. Makes you wonder why men can't clean up after themselves anything quicker than a snail's pace.

  6. Too right Lorri - we gotta enjoy it when a kiwi does something noteworthy as it doesn't happen that often lol.

    I read about that last night Vole - what a crock!! Some people are so full of shite.

    Wench we actually used to live a couple of streets away from Burt in Invercargill. Me and my sister weren't allowed over his place as mum thought he was mad as a hatter but dad liked him - dad's a petrol head and was a biker too. I love that movie. No going fast for me - too much of a wuss these days though I used to be a bit of a speed demon on my motorbike.

    I guess we gotta make a name for ourselves somehow Joanne - some would say we aren't the brightest bunch :-)

    Lori - I totally get it, going the fastest or the highest or doing something never done before would be a complete buzz.

    Very true DD :-) a snails pace is right.


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