Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Car Sales Torture

In my post of last weekend (see here) I talked about how I am trying to buy myself a new car but that I’m struggling with the actual process of stepping onto a used car lot to start looking at what’s available. I am car-sales-yard-a-phobic. I’ve now made some progress.

I’ve done some poking around on the net and now have a bit more clue about what my money should buy me and I also have a clearer picture of what I want.

As Moko suggested, my available funds should be able to buy me a non-fancy Japanese 5 or 6 year old station wagon with mileage (what’s the metric of that word - is it kilometage?) a bit on the high side or alternatively something a year or two older but with a little less on the clock. I’ll have to weigh that one up. I like a wagon for carting the dog around but am not a fan of the ubiquitous SUV.

Another thing I’ve found is that most of the wagons for sale in NZ these days have an automatic transmission so that’s given me some pause – I’ve never owned anything other than a manual. 

Next step is to co-opt someone to come looking with me.


  1. I'm waiting for the next chapter. The visit to the car lot.

  2. It'll take her AGES to make progress. The car has to be 'just so', so does the cost, the salesman/woman - why ARE there no salewomen? - as well.

    Some call it judging, I prefer to call it profiling...

  3. Research.

    Moving on......

    Good luck!

  4. I have a great Mazda SUV sitting doing basically nothing - should we "talk". Funny I bought it for the dog - and then she couldn't get into the truck her last month (lifting her 70+ pounds was difficult) so we bought a small car for her - she didn't live to ride in it.

    My son imported a Toyota truck from Japan two years ago -- he is one of the many right hand drives running around town - which is neat to see. Thing was back in the early 90's my husband fell in love with the same truck in NZ - guess my son was influenced by that all those years ago.

    Have fun - -ok I know it won't be fun but take your time.

  5. Resist the call of the SUV - they're costly, polluting, dangerous to pesestrians and other drivers, and arrogant, unless you live in rugged country, are a builder or a farmer. Britain's roads are clogged with shiny Chelsea Tractors which never leave the hardtop.

    I can't drive so have never spoken to a used-car salesman, but have always assumed that they're identical to estate agents - devious, patronising and untrustworthy. Have some fun with it: send a man in to look at the same car and see if you're treated differently.

  6. I am a Toyota fan. I've had five...2 pick ups, 3 sedans. You cannot kill them. I put over 150,000 miles on four of them...and only traded because I was just tired of them. My present Toyota is a Camry and we bought it with 32,000 miles on it. We now are pushing 100,000 miles. The Camry before this one, we bought from a friend at 100,000 and drove it for another 50,000 with no problems at all.

    A study I read concluded that a 3 year old American car, has about the same mechanical problems as an 8 year old Japanese car. I probably sound like a car salesman, but I love these cars. STAY AWAY FROM AMERICAN...PIECES OF SHIT.

  7. Gettin' there Punch - patience is a virtue :-)

    Moko - eerily on the money actually, it could well take me ages. I'll try not to bore you all every step of the way rofl.

    Bob - yeah yeah I'm trying :-) am steeling myself for 'significant' progress this weekend.

    Joanne I can't even imagine driving a left hand drive - would freak me out!

    Preaching to the choir Mr Vole - no SUV for me. I'm a hater!

    Toyota lover here too jj - my current one has nearly 250,000 kms on clock. Previous 2 cars were also 'ota's. Probably 75% of the cars on the road here are Japanese.


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