Monday, August 31, 2009

Great Barrier Island

OK I am back after a fabulous weekend exploring Great Barrier island. I won’t subject you to too much information – a short photo essay only. Click to enlarge pictures if you’re interested.

View from the Black bach, Puriri Bay The view from our deck. Puriri Bay, Tryphena harbour.


Tidal estuary, Shoal Bay Watch for ducks. Pateke are NZ’s rarest native duck.


Puriri Bay on a rainy day Puriri Bay in the rain.


Dolphins Dolphins in the bay rounding up fish. A large pod came every morning and this was the best photo I could get would you believe?


Schooner BeachSchooner Beach. The Pohutukawa tree is known as New Zealand’s Christmas tree as they have beautiful bright red flowers in summer.


Pah Beach Pah Beach. The sea was turquoise.


Medlands Beach Medlands Beach (and my friend Phil).


Tree fern Tree fern.


Creek, Whangaparapara RoadFound this creek while bushwalking. Full of big fat eels.


Pop 45 Welcome to Whangaparapara harbour. Population 45.


Yachts sheltering. Taken from Whangaparapara wharf Whangaparapara wharf.


Kiwi bach Cute kiwi bach (pronounced ‘batch’, kiwi for basic holiday house).


Awana BayAwana Bay. Spectacular.


Phil fishing at Port Fitzroy. Phil catching our supper again, Port Fitzroy


Claris Airfield Claris airfield on my way back out.

Great weekend. We did heaps of exploring, bush walking, fishing, meeting and talking with locals. There was lots and lots of laughter with one of my oldest friends also thrown in.

I would definitely recommend a look around New Zealand's 4th largest island for anyone who gets the opportunity.


  1. Looks truly beautiful. Hope you had a memorable time.

  2. Lou, those pictures are absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful country. And the dolphins! Love it.

  3. Lou the photo of the boat hulls at the water is a frameable print for sure. I love it. Sounds like it was worth the plane ride.

  4. Welcome back Lou! Looks like you had lots of fun. Great pictures all around. I'd have to say my favorite is the one looking up into the tree fern.

  5. Thanks Daze - I always enjoy getting out of town for a few days.

    Bob - the dolphins really were an added bonus. I must say though that when you watch them hunt, they lose some 'sweetness', they really are fearsome predators - the fish didn't have a chance when they were rounded up.

    Lori yes the plane was a minor inconvenience only. I like that pic too - upturned dinghy hulls are a feature of the New Zealand coast line, every coast living kiwi worth their salt has a dinghy for playing, fishing etc.

    Thanks Kyle - that's me trying to be a bit artistic :-) Glad you like it.

  6. Ohh thanks for sharing!!! Loved them all except the creek with the eels - shudder.

  7. I second that Joanne - eeeeewwww.

  8. These are great - so glad you had a wonderful weekend. Color me jealous that you live in such a lovely and unspoiled place.

  9. Thanks DuPree. I agree that I am lucky to live somewhere not yet wrecked - long may it continue.

    Funniest thing!!!

    I posted a few pics on Facebook so my friends could see where I'd been and an American friend asked why caution was required with the ducks "Are they vicious? Will they attack?" she asked. I'm still chuckling.

  10. They are not vicious they are quackers.

  11. Lol Lori - complete quackpots.

  12. Thanks for sharing your photos, it's only increased my desire to travel there one day. Truly a peaceful bit of paradise, just what the doctor ordered.

  13. Don't laugh to much about the ducks.

    I lived in Tampa, Florida for a year and there is an indigenous species of ducks (rather ugly bastards as well) that are quite aggressive and that will nip and bite. Living by a river as I did, I was chased in the back door from the parking lot more than a few time by the nasty so-and-sos.

  14. LMAO DuPree.

    Sounds like they considered you were in their territory as we know what mummy's are like when we threaten their babies...


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