Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two for Tuesday

I) Love this song

This is Gin Wigmore singing her song Hallelujah. She wrote it when she was 16 about her father losing his battle with cancer. The song won the International Songwriting Contest in 2005.

Ignore the dodgy ‘video’ – just listen if you will. Her voice takes a little getting used to but I’m hooked. She’s quirky and original. 

It was The Plashing Vole post of yesterday that reminded me of this song. I went hunting for a recording of it and the result is this post and me pre-ordering her debut album, Holy Smoke, on iTunes.

I hope you enjoy as much as I do.


II) Cottage envy

I imagine that this row of cottages face out to the Atlantic ocean. The stony path meanders down to the sea where the grey waves crash upon the thin strip of beach. The fishing boats are tied at the old wooden pier and disgorge the days catch while the big black back gulls squawk and dive bomb in the hunt for scraps.


  1. I remember places like that in England, nearly as old as the hills, so full of history you can feel it when you walk in the door.

  2. Cool eh Daze? I picture these ones on the west coast of Ireland but I actually have no idea where they're from - I nicked the photo from google images and couldn't find a credit.

  3. Lu-Lu,

    I miss you! Now get your sexy self over to KCL! Please? You can do two blogs, I can't. You're smart, I'm silly. Bring DD with you too!



  4. My image of the British Coast, exactly. God how I would love to live there, in one of those. Beautiful.

  5. Thanks for sharing both. I can't listen to the song right now (I have a dear dear friend in his last days battling cancer). So selfishly I need to concentrate on upbeat - so I will concentrate on the cottages. A must on my life list is England.

  6. And riding down this street is a young woman who borrowed a bicycle from a stranger if I remember correctly.

  7. Lol you're right Lori - it could almost be the same place except these cottages are far more substantial that those found on the Aran Islands. Good memory :-)


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