Sunday, August 16, 2009

Circus of the sun

We had a fantastic night last night at Cirque du Soleil. Our seats were great. The 2 and a half hour show flew by  so fast I couldn’t believe it was after 10.30pm when the house lights came up.

My shoulders, arms and hands were sore from clapping so much. 




Photos from the Cirque du Soleil website

We decided to make a night of it and ended up at a salsa club in the city dancing until nearly 3am. I was the sober driver so I was on water for the night and I am now very grateful – the friends I was with are all feeling jaded today while I’m feeling bright as a button.


Just got back from the beach with Bonnie for an Sunday morning walk seeing the rain had stopped temporarily.  I headed to Piha on the west coast rather than the east coast beaches as there’s some kind of puffer fish toxin washing up in the Hauraki Gulf and a couple of dogs have died after eating washed up dead sea slugs. I’m lucky living on an isthmus with both coasts within easy reach. 

Piha was wild and windy but as usual there were a few very hardy surfers trying their luck out past the break. So you can get some perspective, if you swam 2000 km (1300 miles) due west from here you’d hit Australia. Around Sydney somewhere probably.

Piha_160809My lovely new car has now been christened with wet sandy dog. The west coast beaches have black sand (iron ore I think?) so it’s extra messy all over the car *sigh*.

I have a house load of teenage boys (well there are only 3 of them actually but they do seem to fill up our little place) all baying for food so I better wrap this up and go make the double batch of scones I promised.

Have a great weekend everyone. Enjoy the last of your summer you northern hemispheroids as I feel a distinct hint of spring in the air downunder – it won’t be long now. Spotted this tree on my way home from the beach an hour ago. Blossom_160809


  1. what a fabulous weekend :)
    the blossoms are gorgeous lou!

  2. Sounds like a great day unfolding for you. Nice day here although it is raining big time in the Gulf of Mexico, just hanging out there.

  3. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me....except for the houseload of teenegares--and three is definitely a houseload!

  4. Envious again here. You have a great rest of the weekend.

    Oh, loved the part about "feeling jaded"...sorry, I can't help it.

  5. Oh now jadedj's name makes sense to me.
    I loved feeding my sons' teenage friends. They couldn't believe their luck on getting a big breakfast. Not many do that I guess.
    They all remember the special morning after a birthday party where they all made ice cream sundaes full of cookie crumbs, chocolate, butterscotch and anything else you could ask for in a sundae for breakfast.
    Not healthy but a memorable breakfast for them they had so much fun. The best part is their parents got the sugar high guys back home that morning. No worries for me.


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