Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday flowers

I was in Christchurch in early September last year and I remembered the fantastic display of daffodils in Hagley Park, so I asked a friend who lives down there to take a snap for me to show you all.

Let’s all give a big bloggy thanks to my good friend G. He got really wet lying down in the long grass this morning on his way to work to get this shot for us. I appreciate your committment G, very artistic.

I’ll ask him for another pic again in a few weeks as I think there’ll be even more by then. Fabulous. I wish he could also send us the smell as last year I sat for ages drinking in the heavenly scent.


  1. Thanks for the flowers each Friday. It is a very nice way to begin the day. Thanks again G.

  2. I find it hard to wrap my head around the whole opposite seasons thing. I thought maybe I had hibernated through Fall and Winter in Canada and now it was Spring.

  3. Love Daffodils - and will be months until we see them so thanks for posting.

  4. Glad you enjoy them Punch. I have just got back from the supermarket and bought a couple of bunches of daffs for a vase on my hall table. They're perfuming the whole house right now - love 'em.

    Lori that would be a tragedy (or would it?). I have more trouble with time zones actually - they totally do my head in.

    You're very welcome J.

  5. Well, with it still being summer here, I've no complaints. But come the winter in New York, you'll hear my whining from there! We see lots of daffodils here in spring....not many tulips, tho as the deer like 'em more then we do!

  6. Daffodils, yep spring is on the way.
    They are lovely Lou.

  7. Kathryn it is still strictly winter here but signs of spring coming are aplenty yayyy. The trees are full of blossom and daffodils are everywhere.

    Gorgeous eh Daze? I love spring!!


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