Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What ever Wednesday

What ever happened to 2 year olds Adlan and Nikita?


Earlier this year 2 year old boys were reunited with their biological families following a 2007 hospital mix up wherein 2 families took the wrong boy home. One mother was Chechen but both mothers gave birth to sons on March 1 2009 in a Russian hospital.

Last I heard in The Guardian on 1 April blue-eyed Adlan had been renamed Nikita and returned to his biological mother in Russia while dark haired Nikita had been renamed Ali and repatriated to Chechnya and his family. 

I can only imagine how very difficult the process would have been. It would be nice to hear an update about how the boys and their families were doing. 

Or would it?

Would I actually want to hear that things weren’t working out for what ever reason? Perhaps it’s better assuming, nay trusting, that everything worked out just the way it should.  In this fairytale world of mine everyone is happy and both boys are settling in successfully with their new family.

Я живу в сказке.


  1. I hadn't heard of this story.
    What a thing for those boys to go through, not to mention the families.
    I hope they stay out of the limelight and just be a family.

  2. I recently read a story where tow ADULT girls discovered they were switched at birth. Can you imagine going through your whole life like that, then finding out...oops??? OMG! Hugs.

  3. I would also like to hear that all is happy with both families and they have stayed in touch. But I am learning that I do not suffer from Shadenfruede - I do not delight in other's misfortune - I am just the opposite.

  4. I can't imagine how lonely they were at first!

  5. Tragic eh? I can't even imagine that Xanadu - it would shake you to the very foundations and turn over everything you've ever believed to be true.

  6. PS no one has commented on my apparent ability to write in Russian? OK OK I can't really, I used a translation website. It means "I live in a dream world". At least I think that's what it means.

  7. You have to wonder what would have been better for the kids. Did anyone ask them what they wanted?

    Re: Living in a dream world. If only we could do that all the time. lol.

  8. Both boys are fortunate to have lived in homes where they were obviously wanted and adored; throughout their young childhood. So many children do NOT have that privilege.

  9. Yeah I know Daze. Wouldn't it be great - no bad news ever!

    I agree SunTiger - very very lucky in that regard. Still sad though that they've missed 2 years of bonding with their parents.

  10. Yeah, a bit sad, but not the end of the world

  11. Jeez you're all heart L :-) but yeah I agree that it's certaonly not the end of the world.


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