Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Lucky Country

An Australian friend sent me this a couple of days ago. She obviously does not want me to come visit this year. Tourism Australia commissioned these guys to write a song in an effort to increase international visitor numbers (not really).

Does it work for you?

It’s the snakes that do my head in – we have none in NZ so the idea of something pouncing when you’re innocently walking through the grass and step on it by accident, freaks me out. Spiders etc at least you know they’re trying to get away.

Just to continue the theme of scary animals check out this photo. I have no idea where it was taken but I am guessing it was probably taken off a New South Wales beach :-)


Just noticed that the body shape  and the tail didn’t look quite right on this ‘shark’ so I went hunting for Kurt Jones and this photograph and here’s what I found.  We don’t need to be freaked out by it after all. I still think it’s a great picture though even if it is not entirely based in fact.


  1. Booking my flight to Australia as I sit here. ACK! lol. Great video. Hugs.

  2. I've always wanted to visit Oz...but it's very far from my rock...dunno if I will ever get there

  3. Australia, beautiful one day. Lethal the next. Oh well, at least it isn't dull here.

  4. Funny eh Xanadu.

    One day maybe Tamale, it sure is an amazing place. I still haven't had really good look around there either (and it's my neighbour), I have visited most major cities there but not much else unfortunately.

    Too right DD - better anything than dull.

  5. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to make it to 2000 visits by the end of the weekend.
    I clicked on your video then was reading a bit while it was starting...saw the word snakes and started to shiver down my spine while I tried to stop the video from playing. Close one.
    Bugs, spiders, lizards, mice etc don't bother me but snakes no,no,no that will never do.


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