Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Registration number please

Have you had need of a superhero recently? 

AngleGrinderMan Perhaps you’re a famous scientist with the cure for swine flu but before you can save the world you need rescuing from a sheer precipice 500 metres above the ground on a deserted pacific island? Or perhaps you’re a cop and  you’ve run into an evil genius attempting to take over the world but you’re ridiculously undermanned and need some serious help?  Perhaps your city has been besieged by a Godzilla type creature and your mayor has sent out an international SOS for assistance? 

Chances are it will be a superhero who answers the call and arrives like a speeding bullet to save the day. 

Before they get down to the business at hand though, don’t forget to first ask to see their current and official world superhero registration. Disclaimer: Your insurance may be invalidated if you use an unregistered superhero. WorldSuperheroRegistryClick on the logo above to gain entry to the brave new world of superheroes. The site serves as a forum and resource centre for the superhero community. Check out the minimum criteria for registration as well as;

  • the gadget gallery
  • the hero support page
  • legal advice
  • the costume advisory service
  • tutorials

In the page called “Coming out of the phone booth” you’ll find information about all registered superheroes, their costumes, their superpowers, any particular categories of crime they fight, their arch enemies and their region of influence. You’ll find their contact details as well as it seems the most effective way to contact a superhero in 2009 is via email. 

There is also a record of all retired superheroes, all superheroes in training and another list of applicants still to be formally vetted and considered for professional registration. It’s an organisation that takes it’s responsibilities seriously.


It feels good to know that someone out there is making sure that superheroes today maintain the same high standards that we’ve grown to rely on to save us from evil.


  1. I honestly didn't expect those people to be real.
    but they are real people who dress up and fight injustice.

  2. I know...amazing eh? Some people have way too much time on their hands.

  3. A bunch of guys I work with claim our buddy Wally is a superhero. His superhero power is the ability to raise the self-esteem of everyone else around him.

  4. Okay Lou is that sarcasm I detect in your "too much time on their hands" comment? Or did you not notice you are advising us to check it out after you have been to the site yourself. How much time did you spend there? And yes of course I am going in right behind you.

  5. Boys will be boys, and so will some grown men too.

  6. This was a, ah...super post, Lou.


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