Thursday, May 28, 2009


New Zealand celebrates the Queens Birthday this weekend. That means Monday is a holiday so hip hip hooray for our lovely Queen Lizzie. D' queen

I’ve taken an extra day so I’ve got four whole days off starting now. Extra super fabulous.

Happy happy happy Friday tomorrow everyone.


Artist: Lucien Freud


  1. I'm jealous - enjoy your mini-break!

  2. Enjoy the days off. QE2 looks like she ate a bad oryster.

  3. God Thank The Queen!

    Enjoy the long weekend.

  4. Enjoy your long weekend. Got anything planned? Hugs.

  5. Happy looooooooong weekend!

  6. Tipping one to you and the Q. Have a great weekend.

  7. I live in England the home of the Queen and we don't get a day off for her birthday, how wrong is that!

  8. Have a good break Lou, lots of nice things to refresh and restore and of course massive spoiling yourself in what ever way you want.

  9. Lermontov: Thanks I will. You guys must get a Queens Birthday weekend as well somewhere in the year?

    Punch: I know lol it's quite a controversial portrait this one. Also looks like she got a bad case of 5 o'clock shadow.

    Bob: Thanks Bob, I will

    Xanadu: Not much actually except for wee party I'm having on Saturday night. Should be fun!

    DuPree: Thanks dude.

    jadedj: cheers to you too

    Kate: thanks Kate, you have great weekend too. Do you guys get a Queens birthday as well being our colonial cousins??

    Stu: That sucks! Queens Birthday is one of our 8 statutory days off a year (plus we get Anzac day and Waitangi day if they fall on a working day and plus each region gets an 'anniversary' day which is celebrated on a Monday). We do pretty good for extra paid days off here I reckon. Yayy for paid days off work.

    Daze: I will thanks DD

  10. As a Canadian and fellow Queen's Birthday celebrator can I just say she has never looked lovelier.


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