Sunday, May 3, 2009

Multi purpose George

The fabulous Du Pree from chlorine in the gene pool, got it right when he commented on my post of yesterday and said my new cyberGeorge pet monkey George, was strangely addictive.

George lives in my sidebar if you haven’t already seen him. Maybe you’ve even played with him. He likes bananas. 

Today though I have had a highly frustrating day. Nothing has come together as planned. A few minutes ago I found myself back on the net with my ‘pointer thingee’  clamped on George’s face spinning him around and around. Quite violently actually. Virtually throttling him - ringing his neck I suppose you might even call it. It was therapeutic.

He didn’t mind one little bit. He just kept smiling. 

So there’s a second use for George;

    1. he’s cute and fun to play with plus
    2. he provides an outlet for frustration while maintaining good humour

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  1. Wow. I had no idea his head could spin like that. Will keep this in mind for future therapy. lol. Hugs.


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