Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On the run

A kiwi guy and his girlfriend and kid have fled the country and are believed to be hiding up somewhere in Hong Kong with a few million dollars that the bank deposited into his bank account in error.

The story (see NZ Herald online) has captured the imagination of New Zealanders and two clear camps have emerged;

  • Team  Leo – those who can understand why this guy was tempted to abandon his failing business and heavily mortgaged mini property empire and do a runner with the ill gotten gains.
  • Team Westpac – those who disagree with Leo’s decision.
NZ Dollars


What would you have done in Leo’s situation?


  1. Not their money.

    It's the same as if they robbed a bank, imho.

  2. This is a trick question, right?

  3. I wouldn't keep it.
    T'ain't mine.

  4. I would reluctantly give it back, but ask m=for some compensation for being honest about it. Like a few thousand? lol. Hugs.

  5. Too much work to be on the lam. I'd rather report the mistake and avoid the negative karma involved with doing something like this.

  6. RYN:
    The different townships own the beaches. Our beaches get very busy and the water can be very rough at times. The charge, on top of making the town money, also pays for the large amount of life guards and such that patrol the beaches from 8am-5pm.

  7. I am to honest for my own good i would hand it back but let the papers know so the publicity would kind of make the bank give me a reward for being a good person.

  8. I've never been in this position but I'd like to think that if it happened to me I'd do the right thing and give the money back. I can understand the temptation but the money isn't yours. Besides, what kind of life is it to be constantly on the run?

    Which side are you on?

  9. Chances are they will blow through the money in no time and then what? Can't go home?
    Not their money. Shame on them.

  10. Lermontov: LOL, what fun you'd have there with a whole new catchment area

    doanli: You're busted! You're a saint in hiding aren't you?

    Punch: LMAO

    Bob: Another saint - you put us mere mortals to shame.

    Xanadu: good thinking

    DuPree: It would be hard being on the run.

    k: Thanks for the info - still surprises me though. Our coastline is publicly owned and free access is guaranteed under a principle known as the Queens Chain. We're obviously lucky.

    Mr Stu: More good thinking....it would force their hand.

    cartguy: I must confess I'd be tempted, especially right now when I'm struggling to pay my mortgage each month but I tend to apply the 'Rory' test to any question of ethics; would I feel comfortable explaining my decision to my nearly 16 year old son? Inevitably keeps me on the straight and and narrow.

    Lori: I agree, it won't end happily.

  11. Tagging you for a meme :)


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