Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Britains oldest mother-to-be dismisses concerns about her age. "It's not IVFmy physical age that's important - it's how I feel inside," she said. 

Yeah, right!

The London Telegraph reported yesterday that 66 year old  divorcee Elizabeth Adeney of Suffolk is 8 months pregnant with her first child conceived via IVF treatment administered in the Ukraine.

Mrs Adeney, a wealthy businesswoman, is said to have been "desperate" for a baby, and was "over the moon" when she discovered that she had fallen pregnant.Elizabeth-Adeney_1404638cShe’ll be 67 by the time the baby comes along and if she’s still alive, she’ll be 80 when the child turns 13.

Selfish cow.

She has considered only her own wants, not that of the young child she’s likely to leave an orphan at around the age of 10. Emotional scarring practically guaranteed.


Global Day of Action

Join Amnesty International and death penalty opponents all over the world in supporting the Global Day of Action for Troy Davis today (May 19th). Go to the US Amnesty International website for information and to find out what you can do to help.

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  1. It is becoming frightening just what money can buy these days. This is another example of some women wanting it all and sadly, not thinking for one second about anyone but themselves.

  2. There is some weird stuff in the world! I find that part re the 67 yo Mum off the wall - she is probably more selfish in life than I am in bed - I suppose we all need role models!

  3. Yeah, as you can imagine this has drawn some pretty strong reaction in the UK. But we’re all selfish in the end, and we either hide from the fact or attempt some sort of self-justification – it’s human nature.

    But I agree it’s hard to get past this kind of blindness to reality.

  4. Isn't there a saying, something like: just because you could doesn't mean that you should. Something like that anyway.

    Even if this woman lives to see her child's 21 birthday (at the ripe old age of 88) what kind of life with that be for the child. Heck the kid will be 21 and already changing its parent's diapers.

  5. I wonder if she's got a plan - like a niece or someone young enough to raise this child afterward.

  6. Daze: shocking eh? Almost anything can be bought.

    Lerm: Surely you couldn't be that selfish lol?

    Simon: Yes I agree that we're all selfish to barying degrees (survival of the fittest etc) but this is pretty extreme.

    K: Too true!

    DuPree: Amazing eh?

    Kate: One would hope so - surely she must have thought further than the next 2 years.

  7. I must grudgingly admit though that she looks pretty damn good for 66 years old...

  8. When people come to visit the new baby they will wait and wait and wait to see the sleeping child until they ask "When can we see the new baby" to which Grandma/Mom will reply "As soon as it starts crying so I can remember where I put it".

  9. Lori, your comment made me laugh, at a moment when i could think of nothing that was funny. You should visit this poor soul during it's lifetime, it is going to need some humor around. Well that is provided it's born ok. No matter was the body is like the mind is bound to be bent from what it will learn about it's mother if she is around.

    Lou, i agree with you, yet if she is such a looker why did she have to go to Ukraine to get knocked up?


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