Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hermetically sealed worlds

Though not usually a fan of snow globes, I must say these are spectacularly artistic examples. I remember Domestic Daze saying she collected them.

Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz are an American/Spanish artistic collaboration known more for their installations. Their latest series of work is a collection of snow globes entitled Travellers. They have interesting, somewhat macabre themes.  Click on the pictures to enlarge and to link to the website and more information about each globe. The detail is fantastic. 

Alone Together

The Well

Traveler 63 Traveler 156 at Night



Check out their website ( Fantastic stuff. All sorts of installations. Surreal.


  1. My youngest son would not get a kick out of the spider one. I think nightmares would be a problem and he is 22.

  2. I'll readily admit to some hostility when it comes to snow-globes! Don't really get them at all

  3. Yes but these ones at least have a point of difference - check out babe being dropped down well.

  4. I like the twist they took...definitely more fun than the usual bucolic Christmas landscapes!

  5. If they are based on travellers where is the one stuck at the airport waiting for the suit cases to come around!

  6. Not quite macabre enough perhaps Stu? Now maybe if the suitcase had a huge man eating spider on it...

  7. Love these! The scary part is I know people who would truly enjoy these - a lot.

  8. wonderful lil globes, nice twist too


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