Sunday, May 24, 2009


I had the best weekend. My girlfriends are truly precious.

23 May 2009_14

It was almost sunny on Saturday, the first dry day in weeks. It was still chilly but was almost bearable in the watery sunshine. We slept in, breakfasted and then walked, talked and fished (I only caught 2 very undersized fish so both went back). We found a great cafe for lunch and later we walked again, this time to the fish shop to satisfy our need for fresh fish.

23 May 2009_24We went through the whole fire lighting process again when we got back to the bach so we could be warm and cook our fish on the coal range. It was a real novelty cooking on the range, we didn’t use the electric stove all weekend. We then ate and drank too much and talked and laughed late into the night. We had dragged the mattresses and blankets into the living area so we could sleep there where it was warmest.

We slept late again this morning and woke to rain. Just for a change. I have no voice at all today. It was a bumpy trip back on the ferry this afternoon but we’re home in one piece and all agree the weekend was a great welcome home surprise for Liz.

Have a great Sunday and Monday everyone. My working week starts again in just over 12 hours {sigh}.


“A real friend walks in while the rest of the world walks out.” Walter Winchell


  1. Sounds like a great wekend - you didn't mention the strippers though!

  2. Lol we had to make do without this time Lerm. Very bad planning!

  3. Sounds like a heavenly weekend - glad you enjoyed it!!

  4. What a fantastic weekend.......I call them "Aaaaaaaaaah Weekends" where you can just breathe and relax and enjoy.

  5. Hi Lou - nice to see your blog. How doubly nice to see that you are in NZ - special memories for me of that country. Looking forward to following you - -my other blog friend is in Kawerau.
    Glad you enjoyed your weekend

  6. Sounds like a wonderful 'girl time' weekend. Glad you had fun. We need times like that just to regroup occasionally. No voice? Not good! Take care of you. Hugs.

  7. I like that Bob, an "Aaaaaaaaaah Weekend". Thanks lads.

    Hi Joanne, you're welcome here. Thanks for dropping by, I'll return the favour :-)

    Yeah was awesome X. Voice back a little bit now on Monday evening - I obviously talk too much har har! Bridget was hoarse too.

  8. Thank you for sharing your weekend with us -- it sounds like wonderful fun!


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