Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still on the run

You may recall my post of 6 months ago about the young couple who did a runner after the bank inadvertently credited their bank account with too much money. See the original post here called On the RunAccidental MillionairesWell 6 months have passed and they’re still at large.

Leo Gao, Kara Hurring and their young daughter Leena fled to Hong Kong in early May after Westpac, an Australian owned bank, credited Mr Gao's account with a NZ$10 million overdraft when he had asked for just $100,000. The bank immediately recovered most of the money but $3.8m is still outstanding.

The NZ Herald reports;

Two months ago Detective Senior Sergeant Tony Colby, of Rotorua police, said a "mutual-assistance" request to the Chinese government was being worked through. Mr Colby denied the delay was frustrating or embarrassing for NZ police.

Co-operation between China and NZ is obviously a slow process over such matters.


  1. I guess China does not consider a bank screw up top priority in their legal system.

    Plus, it's hard to sign all those papers when you're laughing so hard.

  2. Three million can still go a long way in some of these countries. People can be bribed. Me for instance. I can rent them a lovely cabin for a mere million. They could stay for a year although you can't get me to stay there for a week.

  3. Just doesn't seem fair - they can run away and no one can do anything. Ok except Lori who will rent them her cabin.

  4. What disturbs me about this is the daughter. What sort of life can she have if her parents are caught and go to jail? Somewhat selfish of the parents methinks. To me, that is the real crime.


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