Sunday, November 22, 2009


I mentioned in a post the other day about young Australian Jessica Watson and the website and blog chronicling her attempt to become the youngest person to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the globe. She’s 16 and the voyage is 38,000 kilometres (23,000 nautical miles) in some of the most ferocious seas on the globe.

JW1 Blog Photo by Jessica Watson

It’s a hugely popular blog and she gets around 250 – 300 comments each day as people wish her the best. Well, Jessica crossed the equator the other day and she posted an update on her blog to let everyone know – she got 625 comments on the post. That’s right, 625 comments. That is mind blowing, apparently it’s the most read blog in Australia right now, and for good reason. She’s seems like a lovely kid who’s doing something incredibly brave and plus she’s a great writer. Her updates are a pleasure to read.

The website is

Her blog

Her course and current location is recorded here

I understand she’s now passed Kiribati and will soon be turning around and heading back under the equator to round Cape Horn (southern tip of South America). Although she’s circumnavigating the globe in the southern oceans, in order to break the record she must cross the equator at least once so that’s what she has been doing since she left Sydney in October.

Jess 4 Check it out. It’s a fascinating read.


  1. That's an incredible feat. I hope that she succeeds!

  2. (oh, and if she doesn't -- she's still got plenty of years to try again!)

    Sometimes it's all I can do to circumnavigate the kitchen...*sigh*

  3. What a great accomplishment. It's wonderful that she can document her voyage with a blog. It's nice to hear about really wonderful things that happen since all around us is usually so terribly bad. Best of luck to Jessica.

  4. I had not heard (alas, I haven't been over here in a while, nor on line for that matter). This is incredible. I am not so sure I would allow my daughter, no matter how proficient, to do this. But it is damned impressive. Now I am hooked, and will have to keep up with her progress.

  5. I know what you mean jj - my son is the same age but without anywhere near the level of competence or confidence to even consider an intrepid journey like this one (actually to even consider a journey of any kind pretty much). There was much debate at the time it was being planned but she's underway now so we're just wishing her all the very very best.
    I check in to her blog most days now to see how she's going.

  6. I can't imagine that. If it goes well great and if it doesn't there will be a lot of finger pointing.


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