Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday flowers and movie review

I don’t have much of a garden here at my new little place. The house was brand new when I moved in at the end of last year and the grounds were pure dirt. I still haven’t done a lot with the grounds though I do finally have good grass coverage.

My last home had a huge yard and a well established garden that I’d put a lot of work into over the years so it’s been hard starting from scratch. I have planted a few rhododendrons and other things but they have a way to go before they mature properly. About all that is really starting to look good are my patio pots so I thought I’d share a couple of pictures from my own ‘garden’ this week.


131109_4Rory is a fuchsia fan so he’s responsible for caring for those – he has a few different varieties in pots, all of which are doing beautifully. I love roses especially old fashioned ones; this one here is white though I can’t remember the name. There are lots of buds this year after a particularly successful pruning in late August. I look forward to the multitude of blooms over the next few weeks.


*Added later at 10:05pm Friday 13 Nov.

Lori’s writing challenge

Lori over at Family Trees May Contain Nuts has issued a challenge for us to write about our favourite movie. Here goes Lori, I apologise in advance that I’m not much of a writer. 

shawshank_lThe Shawshank Redemption

Directed by Frank Darabont and from the short story by Stephen King, the 1994 film stars Morgan Freeman as Red and Tim Robbins as Andy Dufresne.

**SPOILER ALERT** If you’re one of the few remaining people on the planet who haven’t seen this movie and you intend watching it one day, read no further. Do watch the movie though; it’s great.

Andy is a successful banker in the 1940s when he is convicted of the vicious murder of his wife and her lover. Andy maintains his innocence but is sentenced to life in Shawshank State Penitentiary in Maine. On arrival he meets Red who is a long term prisoner. Red befriends Andy and teaches him the tricks to survival.

Andy’s financial nous is noticed by the prison’s warden who needs help to launder his ill-gotten earnings off the backs of the prison inmates. Andy creates a false identity to protect the warden and proceeds to act as the warden’s accountant for the next two decades. In return he gets to properly stock the prison library and help inmates achieve high school equivalency.

When a new prisoner comes to Shawshank, It comes to light that Andy really is innocent of the murder of his wife and her lover but the warden won’t risk losing his highly effective money man and so he buries the information and brutally disposes of the new inmate.

Over this twenty year period, we later learn that Andy has been painstakingly tunnelling from his cell using a tiny rock hammer and hiding the resulting hole behind a Rita Hayworth poster on the wall. One dark and stormy night Andy successfully makes a break for it. shawshank_2He quickly accesses the wardens illicit fortune with the false identity he created for the purpose and he heads to a small town in Mexico which he’s told Red about earlier.

It’s a few years later that Red is finally granted parole after more that 40 years inside Shawshank. He makes his way to meet Andy in Mexico and an emotional reunion follows.

The recurring themes in the movie are forgiveness, salvation and hope. Andy never loses hope in himself or in others; he does good where possible and manages to maintain his integrity throughput his imprisonment. Conversely another character in the film is a man named Brooks, who still lacks liberty even after being released as a very old man. Sadly Brooks only finds his release in suicide.

I highly recommend this thought provoking and intelligent movie. Great story, great casting, great cinematography.


  1. Lovely flowers. My fuchsias are still blooming and it is almost winter here. Quite a year.
    The rose sure looks happy and healthy.
    Don't forget about the Writer's Challenge.

  2. Another of my favorite movies. It is listed on my sidebar under that category.

    They met up in Zihuatanejo, Mexico didn't they? My husband and I were there a year ago. It is so beautiful and we thought of this movie while there.

    When this movie first came out and my guy rented it I was kind of tired and thought to myself "Oh crap a prison movie" I sat up on the couch and stretched and said I was going to bed.

    The movie had started and I was sitting at the edge of the couch ready to stand up and hit the sack. About 20 minutes later I was still sitting at the edge watching it and loving it.

    Of course I watched the whole thing and have watched it many times since. It is in my top 5 list. Brilliant.

    Thanks for joining in. Everybody is welcome.

  3. Oh Lou - you picked one of my top 5 movies. When Steven King writes a non horror story he does it well. LOVED LOVED LOVED this movie and every single time I watch it even knowing the endings I love it even more. Rich and wonderful.

  4. Lou, you've picked one of my favorites too. This is such a wonderful movie. I remember thinking "oh no, another Stephen King adaptation" I was so moved when I saw it (Stand by Me is another one that Hollywood got VERY right). The casting was spot on, and the score was beautiful. The scene when Morgan Freeman is looking for the "rock that doesn't belong" is perfection. Thanks for such a great choice. Kathy

  5. I agree that this is indeed a wonderful movie with a sad ending.

  6. You know, I have never really sat through this movie. After reading this post, I want to see it again. Thank you for that.

  7. I love this movie too and felt as if I saw true evil in the face of the warden. I think I need to see it again! Thanks for the review and reminder!

  8. I enjoyed this movie the first time I saw it and I've enjoyed watching many time after that.

    Good choice and excellent review.

  9. The Shawshank Redemption is one of our favorites Lou; it never gets old or outdated.

  10. Lou, I think you're so lucky that spring has arrived...and you'll have to be my inspiration for the coming months!

    Why do you say you're not much of a writer? You are TOO! How do you think you've gotten so many followers?? That's no accident, sweetie!!

  11. Thanks all for your comments. Welcome to those of you who've not visited here before.

    How fabulous that you've been there Lori - I would love to see Mexico one day. Thanks also for getting me to do this, I actually enjoyed the challenge.

    Joyce I think it's a fabulous ending; I still cry every time but they're tears of joy for me.

    You're too kind Kathryn *hug*


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