Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two for Tuesday

I) Topiary tendril


Photo lifted from yepyep.gibbs12.com









II) Cottage envy

Rock cottage is in a hill outside Wolverley, Worcestershire, England. It is one of 50 'built' in the area in the late 18th century. The place was apparently for sale in 2007 and a metro.co.uk article states the vendor was hoping to get £25,000 at the time even factoring in the lack of plumbing and electricity.

I’m not positive that ‘envy’ is quite the right term for today’s pic but it’s certainly an interesting pad.


  1. I almost closed the page when I saw that horrific hair-don't, and then i would have missed The Cottgae....so I will focus on the adorbale cottge and try to expunge the rat hair from my memory! =)

  2. I think it's funny Bob - imaginative even.

  3. No plumbing, sinks this cottage for me. It is beautiful to look at though.

    Interesting hair. Funny in a way. Pondering it. I don't think I like it, but I'm not sure I hate it.

  4. Like one of my sons said once about the adults sneering about the loser punks with the blue and pink hair. "It's only hair"

    I wonder if Bilbo Baggins will get the asking price for his cottage?

  5. LOL no real envy for either picture - OMG I hope that first one doesn't become a treand - please please please.

  6. That "hair"!!! My first thought was, "What does someone with that DO for a living? How is one taken seriously in the workforce? I can't imagine.

    The "cottage" is extreme...that's for sure. It'll take someone who likes things out of the ordinary to live there!

  7. Yeah I'm like that too about the hair Kyle - it's sure different I will say.

    Lori I agree with your boy. It is only hair. The cottage is a hoot don't you think?

    Joanne I bloody hope not :-)

    Kathryn, I'm assuming that earning a living doesn't really come into the equation for this chap. Student perhaps?


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