Thursday, November 26, 2009


An Australian tourist accidentally smuggled a poisonous cane toad into Queenstown inside the hiking boots in her bag last week.

New Zealand Herald article here.

The disgusting critter was discovered after hopping out of the Cairns woman's bag when she stopped by Ultimate Hikes shop ahead of the walk on the Milford Track.

Somehow our Ministry of Ag & Fish officers at Auckland airport missed it. WTF? Please TRY HARDER people. Yuck!


Photo from and courtesy of FrogWatch, an Australian environmental group that wants to kill all cane toads. Click on the picture for the full July 2008 story.


  1. One of my sons recorded a big frog of some sort while walking home in the middle of the night using his cell phone.
    He then crossed the road. I gotta tell you they were making sounds like I had never heard before. Creepy.
    Canada is full of species that shouldn't be here. Flora and fauna.

  2. They missed THAT!
    It's as big as a small car!

  3. How the hell does that get in your boot undetected? Try harder? How about Wake up people!
    Frogs can be very vocal, that's for sure.

  4. Frogs are one thing people - we have our own wee native frogs but this is a bloody great toad and we don't have any toads here. If they get a foothold here we'll never see the back of them. There are scrillions of the revolting things in north Queensland, Aust

  5. How the hell did that get past your security. Geesh my son was stopped and given the five times over by the dogs and guards -- reason -- his backpack had carried a banana three days before we got on the plane!!!

    Reminds me of when my girlfriend had dog treats in her coat pocket. We landed at the Auckland airport and the dogs were all over her - you should have seen the look on the handlers face when she asked if she could give the dogs the treats LOL

  6. How could the owner of that boot not notice something so big....and....ugly....and...squishy???

    Ew, ew and ew. You'd think she would have heard something while she was packing!!!

  7. As big as it is how could she not feel the extra weight in the boots?


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