Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday flowers

Photographer unknown

These are not my photos though I sincerely hope that one day in my life I might get to witness first hand a scene like this. I am an avid rhododendron fan and I imagine this place is breathtaking.

The rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal. There are over 1000 species which include the varieties known as azaleas. haven6Photographer unknown

These incredible photos are from a Danish garden website called Kelleriisgården but I couldn’t find the photographers name to give credit. Beautiful.


  1. In the early 1900's there was a bush woman known as Cougar Granny who had a mail order business off of the coast of B.C. and she shipped rhodos all over the world from plants she propagated.
    She was also suspected in the deaths of at least two of her husbands but that is just speculation raised in the book about her life.
    She would tie her babies into their chairs so she could go out and get her rhodos ready. I'll bet some of the ones down there came from her stock.

  2. Oh, Lou! How beautiful these flowers are! It makes me realize how black & white our world here in NY already is....

    I'll bet your world is getting greener and more colorful every day, right?

  3. Thanks for the flowers. I'm putting down for the night (thursday)

  4. How beautiful. That's all gone past for us here in New England. Thanks for sharing the beauty of spring/summer. We'll be sure to return the favor come springtime up north!

  5. Just gorgeous - thanks for sharing. Only thing that would make these pictures better is if Johnny Depp was in the picture *winks*

  6. I'm not good in flowers but I recognize these guys! My parents have like a wall of them sitting behind their house, not as pretty as the ones on your pics I'm afraid. Still very colourful and impressing. In spring all the bees humming and working in there are making those bushes sound like a serious power station! I'm no friend of bugs and bees so I stay the hell away! :)



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