Saturday, November 28, 2009

What a night

It was a beautiful late spring evening with a clear blue sky and just a touch of chill in the air after sunset. No matter though as we were rocking and we’d have been warm even if it was snowing.

From the opening Daughter at 8pm through to a rocking cover of Neil Young's Rockin' In the Free World at 10.35pm, it was a fantastic Pearl Jam experience. Photo taken last night by Dean Purcell.

Over two and half hours of sublime performance and it sure didn’t hurt that Eddie Vedder is still hot hot hot!!


EDIT: Yet another belated Friday flowers

Iris Lamp


Something a little different today.

I came across this lamp online at Barbara Gail Lamps. I love it. Iris are my favourite flower and I’m seriously considering placing an order. This would look so cute in my little sun room where I sit and read.


  1. I randomly came across your blog so I thought I would say "hi." :) It's so funny to hear you speak about a spring day when we are nearly starting winter over here across the world.

  2. Yes I agree PP, it's still hard for me to get around around though not as hard as time zones - they completely do my head in :-)

    BTW welcome, call again.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time.
    Loved that cottage a few posts back

  4. That's the thing about music. No matter how old we get when we hear the music we loved we are 20 years old again.
    Trouble is all those song lyrics have filled our brains and now we can't remember anything else. Just no room left in there.

  5. Lucky you!
    Pearl Jam is awesome! It's nice to know enjoyed it. And that lamp *is* Pretty!


  6. Sweet lamp. Sounds like you had a blast at the concert!

    ROCK ON!


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