Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday fun

I had a great Sunday afternoon with my nephew Dillon yesterday; we visited a friend of mine who has horses and got to spend a couple of hours on horseback.  Here’s Dillon on a beautiful chestnut hunter named Ralph, being lead around until he got comfortable enough to give it a go on his own.                                 035My friend also has the cutest wee miniature horse named Napoleon Dynamite.  Very fitting name as he’s quite a handful. 045Am getting in to the shower shortly to get ready for work and am walking like a bow legged cowboy. Am way out of practice with this horse riding lark. Was great fun though.


  1. napoleon dynamite: officially best ever name for dwarf horse. FACT.

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great day. Horseback riding is fun, but smelly.

    My youngest (he's twelve) went riding with his school last week. Everything was fine till his horse saw a pigeon (!) and freaked out. My son definitely were given the ride of his life. Eventually that cattle stopped after hitting a fence. The kid is still vividly sharing his story and his conclusion is; horses are nervous wrecks!! lol

    Btw, this is me from a new blog!


  3. Beautiful horses, and your nephew looks like he knows what he's doing up there. When I was a wee lad in California, I used to ride with some friends who had horses and I can still remember the wobbly legs after a long ride!

  4. great pics, looks like so much fun

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day. Glad you could share it with family.

  6. Last time I rode a horse I got pregnant. Same day I mean...nothing to do with the horse.

  7. What a wonderful day!!! Been almost 20 years for me since I got on a horse. I have felt it wouldn't be a fair thing to do to some dear horsie.

  8. Sounds lovely! I wish I had a better relationship with horses - they are majestic creatures.

    Honestly, anything with bigger teeth than mine scares the hell out of me.

    Glad you had a great day, tho!

  9. I know sas - great eh?

    I will go check out your new site Daniel. Thanks for letting me know.

    Bob that's how I've been all day today. My inner thighs have really felt the couple of hours on horseback.

    You're right about that Greg - was an awesome afternoon.

  10. I know Stan, I adore my wee nephew, he's such a hoot.

    *splutter* Lori - you did make me think there for a sec :-)

    Joanne I was a bit the same but they had a lovely big (enormous actually, 17 hands) gelding hunter there which was perfect for me - he didn't mind my weight a bit. We even did some jumping.

    DuPree many things scare me too but for some reason horses never have. I adore them.

  11. Your nephew is adorable! I mean (clears throat) he's a very handsome lad.

    Mini horse...that's more MY style! I always feel so high up on a regular-sized horse!


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