Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Two for Tuesday

I) Up in smoke

From the NZ Herald this morning.

New Plymouth mother of three Zarah Murphy has an unusual methodology when it comes to growing her houseplant of choice.

It court yesterday where she’s facing charges of cultivating cannabis, she talked of how she’d put up posters of big healthy heading plants around the walls of her growing room as ‘role models’ for her own 20 plants. She also carefully chose a varied selection of classical music for the plants enjoyment.

Even Judge Allan Roberts said the converted room was a "pretty good effort" in which to grow the plants. He then sentenced her to 250 hours of community service.


II) Cottage envy

stone-cottage-lake-lg--gt_full_width_landscapeI found this adorable stone cottage on the UK Channel 4 website in a story by Kevin McCloud about restoring old properties. I love the duck pond and can just imagine how peaceful it is there.


  1. An old stone cabin on the edge of a pond.

  2. Love that cottage - beside the pond - just lovely. That mom needs to come and check out a real grow op here in BC

  3. You said it Joanne. B.C. bud is grown here like they grow wheat in the prairies. Like rice in the paddy fields. Like babies in the Octo-mom. Oh sorry I got carried away there.
    That cottage is so pretty and inviting. I wonder what their growing season is like. ;-)

  4. Lol ladies - you guys are crack ups.

  5. 1) Oh the things that make sense to you when you are baked.

    2) Love the cottage - I can almost smell the wood smoke.

  6. Lou, that cottage is remarkable. It has everything you would want in a little getaway.

  7. I've nothing against people cultivating a little hobby garden, but it sounds like that woman's weed is better cared for than some folks' children!

  8. I agree intelliwoman though I'm pleased to say there are no issues with the level of care being provided to this woman's kids.


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