Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nature not good enough?

I was at a florist first thing this morning getting a bouquet put together to drop in to a friend who needed cheering up.

I chose coloured Callas lilies as they are in season here and there was the most beautiful selection available of plums and vibrant pinks. Anyway the florist did her thing and THE most gorgeous bunch of flowers was the result. It looked like sculpture if that makes any sense, with the perfectly smooth elegant funnels in their pastel shades of pale pink through to the deepest purple. They were enough to lift anyone's day.

And then she did something that blew my mind; she started shaking gold glitter all over the bouquet. She stopped quickly when she heard my gasp and asked did I not want glitter “….to make them look extra pretty?”

An interesting discussion ensued with particular reference to the phrase ‘gilding the lily’ which I felt was particularly fitting seeing as we were actually discussing a bunch of lilies. The end result of the conversation was that she started again.

I didn’t have my camera with me unfortunately to record the proceedings but suffice it to say that the elegant lilies I delivered to my friend were delightfully au natural and most certainly beautiful enough sans glitter.


  1. Glitter on real flowers? How walmarvelous! There's no better way to improve on nature than glitter, is there? ;)
    Glad you were able to stop the destruction before it occurred!

  2. Lol Lori - you've got that right.

    I know Stan - hideous eh? Some people have all their taste in their mouth.

  3. Such a nice thing to do for a friend. Oh Lou, I shudder at the thought of glitter on a real flower. Don't get me wrong I love glitter, well anything sparkly really, but not on real flowers! I am thrilled you were able to get the calla lilies the way you wanted and lift your friends heart.

  4. Ok I can see glitter on some Christmas arrangements but not something that elegant. Good for you to gasp audibly. I would have gone outside and shaken the glitter off them and never said anything.
    How nice of you to take your friend flowers - wonderful friend you are!!

  5. I guess there actually are people who think you need to spice up natural beauty.

  6. I have to say in kindness (as a photographer) where was your camera. Photographs i s alive long passion, and it is sooooeasy these days. Just saying.

  7. Lol Punch - do you carry your camera every time you go into a shop? I'm not quite that keen. It's usually in the car and often in my hand bag but not always unfortunately.


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