Thursday, November 19, 2009


A few weeks back Bob from I Should Be Laughing mentioned that Carlos was addicted to spider solitaire. I think Bob said that Carlos called it spidey. I thought I would check it out as I’m always on the look out for another time waster. 

Big mistake.

Fast forward to today and I must face the sad and awful truth that I am now fully addicted to spidey just like Carlos.

I recently graduated to intermediate level (with two suits) and am barely managing to maintain a 40% success rate. It’s completely infuriating and I plainly don’t have the patience for the game but I just can’t stop. 

As if I don’t have quite enough addiction in my life *sigh*


  1. Oh, Lou, I should have warned you of the dangers!
    Carlos is completely lost to the Spiders, but hopefully you'll be able to fully recover!

  2. Oh goodie - I flipped over thinking, "how addictive could it be?"

    Wrong motivation - there goes my day.

  3. I always have a game of solitaire running while I am on the computer. I play it while I am impatiently waiting for crap to load or unfreeze on the computer. It keeps me from repeatedly clicking buttons and then throwing my laptop across the room.

    Now can I interest you in a little game of Free Cell? It is what all the cool kids are doing. Nah it's harmless. You can quit it any time you like. C'mon, try it. It'll be great.

  4. I LOVE FREE CELL!!! Spider's ok great time waster but there is a cure for any online addiction and its called cold turkey. I was sadly swallowed up by Bejeweled on Facebook but I am all over that now - phew.

    Either enjoy and realize you are exercising your neurons or find another distraction.

  5. Well, at least you're not just wasting away. You've found something you love that can control you and consume your time. Is that wrong! I'm just saying... :)

  6. They have an intermediate level? I didn't need to know that...

  7. Well, then...I'm definitely NOT looking! I barely get the minimum done per day as it is!

    And me with this "addictive" personality....bad combo!

    Play on!


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