Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two for Tuesday

I) Twenty eight years ago today

Rosehill College It was 10 November 1981 and it was my first school ball. My friends and I weren’t officially old enough to be there  (we were in year 11 and the ball was really for seniors - year 12 and 13 students) but we’d all cunningly started dating seniors in the weeks leading up to the ball so we’d get to go. We felt so grown up.

Don’t you just love the fashions and the hair styles?

I’m in both these photos with my friends - the one in black with the delightful perm in case you couldn’t work it out. Rosehill College 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

II) Cottage envy

A quaint and beautiful Derbyshire cottage with a shingle roof and a limestone garden wall.  I love the cottage garden.

Photo by UG Gardner.


  1. As I went to a boys-only school we didn’t have balls. :)

    The great thing about changing fashions is that the young people who laugh now will almost certainly have to go through the same thing in another 20–30 years. Not that that’s a great deal of consolation…

    Great the Derbyshire cottage picture. Living there (in Derbyshire, not in that cottage) I admit a personal bias, but it’s a lovely place to live from the scenic point of view.

  2. Too true Simon. What goes around comes around.

    So you get to see cottages like this regularly then Simon? Lucky you, it's so beautiful. Are they highly prized?

  3. Fun school photos Lou. Young people can't laugh that much, most of the influence right now for their clothing is from the eighties.

    I love this cottage and the garden its comes with.

  4. I totally recognized you Lou. You have hardly changed. No, no I meant that in a nice way.
    Do you ever see any of those people now? I am in contact with a few people from high school getting together about once a year.
    That cottage is so pretty and the gardens too.

  5. You're right about that Kyle - nothing much is new anymore.

    I'll take that as a compliment Lori lol. Yes 3 of the people in the bottom photo are still some of my very best friends though we don't all catch up often these days as are far flung, except for Tracy (cream satin dress, black sash, freaky hairdo) who I see or talk to most days. We drifted apart for quite a few years but we're very close again now.

  6. Oh, God Lou! You are SO BRAVE putting these photos out there for all to see!

    Love the hairstyles....love the fashion!

    what were we thinking?? But then again...we didn't know any better!

  7. Very brave I agree Kathryn. I laughed when I came across them a few months ago and thought others might get a laugh as well - there'll never be another early 80's (thank the gods). It can't have been long after this that we all started dressing like Madonna from Desperately Seeking Susan *chuckle*

  8. However we might have looked, I thought the 80s were brilliant. I sported everything from an asymmetrical Siouxsie-type haircut to a Flock of Seagulls pompadour.

    When I met the hubby in 1991, I was "assisted" in relieving myself of 8 wardrobe boxes of flash 80s gear. From silk t-shirts and zippered jackets, to skinny ties and parachute pants.

    And as I remember - the Madonna look followed the Pat Benatar look here in the States.

    Ah - good times.

  9. That is so cool - I don't think I have any pictures from our school dances - actually I am sure of that. Early 70's style was not as "elegant" as the 80's so no sense in recording it LOL.

    You looked lovely then and like Lori said except for updated hair and style very much the same person.

  10. I like that you were all daring in black -- the white dresses look like communion frocks!

  11. Lol intelleiwench - I hadn't thought about it but you're right. Way too pure looking for words (and fun). Even at 15 I was the bad girl.


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