Wednesday, July 15, 2009

World’s tiniest dog?



Photo / NZPA / Gisborne Herald, Rebecca Grunwell






This is Scooter.

He’s a Maltese and he’s only 6 months old but appears to have stopped growing. He is 8cm tall and weighs 400 grams. He might be the world’s smallest dog. Click on the picture to see the article about him in the NZ Herald dated yesterday 14 July 2009. 



  1. He's a Pocket Dog.
    Slip him in a shirt pocket, backpack or man-purse and you're good to go.*

    *blatantly stolen from Will & Grace

  2. It's perfect Bob. He really is a pocket sized dog.

  3. Aye carumba* That is a curly haired rat not a dog. Now everyone will want one.

    *Blatantly stolen from the Simpsons and the idea from Bob.

  4. LOL now that is the sort of dog that I would be scared to own. One wrong step - just saying!!

  5. Very clever Lori. I know what you mean Joanne, you'd have to be so very careful. One wrong step and it's all over.

  6. Holy Moly. My 6 year old daughter has stuffed dogs bigger than that. Yet, would be afraid it would get under foot.


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