Friday, July 10, 2009

A bit queasy?

Take a squizz, watch the first 90 seconds anyway - the remainder is another 2 minutes of the same. Not a glamorous cruise methinks, not that day anyway. I bet a lot of people were sick.

Check your volume, it comes on quite loud from the helicopter.


  1. I have no idea what a squizz iz?
    I went on a cruise once. They swerved to avoid a whale and water came pouring up on my patio deck where we were sitting. The swimming pool sloshed tons of water out of it and it poured into the elevators. Imagine being in there.
    Cruising is not for me.

  2. YIPES -- where was that??? I would be down in my cabin with the covers over my head and my eyes squeezed shut!!!

  3. Yessir...calling my travel agent right cancel.

    Had to be a pile of bile on the starboard side.

  4. Sotrry Lori - a squizz is a 'look' in kiwi lingo. Shocking eh? I would've been scared for my life. I agree jj would've been a very messy weather event.


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