Sunday, July 19, 2009

Butterfly Creek

It was a cold and wet Sunday afternoon here in Auckland so we needed an outing somewhere indoors. A new butterfly house has opened a few minutes from home so Rory and I went to check it out.042

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It was so lovely and warm in the butterfly house that we stayed for ages. There were thousands of butterflies and moths representing about 50 different species. Some of them were very big and I wasn’t sure about those ones landing on me – they look a bit too much like giant bugs for my liking.

I didn’t realise this place also just imported a couple of huge crocodiles from north Queensland. I had never seen anything like them. I got a pic of the biggest one; 45 years old and 4.8 metres long. Mind blowing.054There’s also a petting zoo and though Rory’s a bit old for such things, we couldn’t resist. The baby guinea pigs were adorable. 057It was a nice afternoon. I’m very conscious that soon Rory will want to forgo such forays with his mother so I make sure to appreciate them while I can.


  1. Awesome shots, and yeah, I agree with making the most of your son actually wanting to be seen with Mum.

  2. I have butterflies in my year this time of year. Don't know what i am doing right but i love seeing them. Alligators like the one you posted live in the wild around here. It is a long story but in order to build a housing development around here you must put in retaining ponds to hold the rainwater runoff for the land you just build a solid roof over. Gators live in water and move around, so they go from pond to pond to pond. Some Yankee moves down from Ohio to retire and enjoy life and they let little Fido out and the rascle gets eaten by aforementioned alligator. Everybody gets all huffy and puffy and such and the gator is dead, and NO one gets to eat the meat or dress the skin. Damn Yankees. Of course that just my opinion. I could be wrong.

  3. What a fun day! And the pictures are fantastic. Thank you.

  4. Last time we were in Key West, we went to their new butterfly house. Although it was just as hot'n'sticky inside as out, it was amazing to see all those beautiful butterflies. I'll never get over all the patterns on their wings.

  5. Sounds like a lovely outing - thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us!

  6. By all means take advantage of the time with your guy.
    I might get to the point where they don't even want to be seen with you inside your own house.
    Teenagers, gotta love 'em, can't kill 'em.
    Of course mine are grown now and oh so delightful.

  7. Hi and welcome Lorri - childhood doesn't last long *sigh*

    Punch - this is a fair dinkum Audssi salt water croc, alligators are native only to the US (and China has a much smaller one I think). Salties are enormous - much heavier and longer on average than gators. They also live longer I understand.

    Al it was great. Long may they last :-)

    Bob - they're fantastic aren't they?

    DuPree - you're more than welcome. I was quite happy with how the pics came out.

    Lori - teenagers, they're a joy aren't they?

    Hi dyanna, they're like works of art.

  8. That croc looks huge! Glad you and Rory had a good day.


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