Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Extreme makeover



Just spotted this photo at the highly reputable

When did Ms Love get so malnourished? Me thinks she might be taking dieting to an unhealthy extreme.

Where are her friends? Why are they not making her pasta and refusing to leave until she finishes it?


  1. Oh my word. THAT'S COURTNEY?

    She looks like a sad elementary school librarian. Or Emma Thompson's character who teaches fortune telling in the Harry Potter films.

    I hope her weight loss is due to something other than drugs - something that can be turned around.

  2. I, too, first got an Emma Thompson film character vibe, but then.......
    Oy! I hope it isn't drugs. But she's looking mighty, scarily unhealthy.

  3. Maybe Kurt was ahead of the curve

  4. What they don’t tell you is that she’d been locked in her room for a week with only black pudding to eat.

  5. I'm stunned that's her. How I miss the days of Riot Grrrl. It just proves that celebrities lack nothing except sense (and people who'll point out when they've gone loony).

  6. Omg I wasn't that skinny when I weighed 98 pounds. And yes I can remember that long ago. Smart ass.

  7. Shocking eh? Thanks Lori for making sure this was not a post that eliciting only male comment :-)


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