Sunday, July 5, 2009

It’s all about me

The delightful and fun Joanne from Joanne Moving Forward – half speed has tagged me to share 10 things about myself that readers may not know.  Well any of you that read this blog regularly know that I compulsively over share almost everything going on in my life so this isn’t going to be an easy assignment.

I will tag three of my newest followers as I’m keen to get them sharing a bit about themselves. Please guys. I realise this is probably not your style at all but I’m nosey OK? Give a girl a break.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------OK, deep breath and  here goes…

1) I have blue eyes and fair skin. Gorgeous!

2) I’m somewhat wayward church wise but have given my own child a Catholic education. Hypocritical? Maybe, but the RC’s do good schooling and a bit of dogma never seriously hurt anyone.

3) I had a Norwegian Hooded rat named Seamus for years when I was in high school. I loved that rat.

4) My teenage son points out that I guilt him into doing stuff, yikes, I’m turning into my mother. Must work on that!

5) My favourite painting is Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. It takes my breath away. I have still never made to to the Uffizi to see the real thing but one day I will. Venus_detail









6) I am mathematically challenged. Even simple arithmetic ain’t simple to me.

7) I am shamefully monolingual. I used to gather as much as I needed to get by very basically when travelling but have never shown any commitment to learning a second language properly. Am thinking about starting night classes with my dad though and learning Italian. He already passably speaks 3 languages.

8) I will watch almost any sport on TV.

9) I can ride a motorbike.

10) On a cold and rainy winter Sunday afternoon (like today) I can easily stay in bed all day. Today is proof of that. I have slept, finished my book, dozed a bit, watched a DVD on my laptop and now written this post and it is now 3.15pm.  Rory’s out so I don’t intend getting up even now. Lazy cow.


  1. I was particularly taken aback by number two. Good thinking though.

  2. Yeah I can understand your reaction - it's worked out great though.

  3. OK, I can't refuse a direct request. I warn you though, I'm a very boring man.

    Actually make that:
    1. I'm more boring than even people who think I'm boring know. I secretly avoid excitement.

    2. I once threw a bag of flour at Douglas Hurd (Tory foreign secretary). It missed.

    3. I'm always waiting for colleagues and friends to work out that I'm not as bright or hardworking as they think.

    4. In darker moments, I regret that absence of a higher being to sort things out/take the blame. Then I'm ashamed of the weakness.

    5. I rate Clueless in my very favourite films. Austen's never been filmed so well.

    6. I would like a Star Trek (original series) shirt. I'd never wear it in public though.

    7. Banter, conversation and light-heartedness elude me, which is horrible. I was once dumped for reading too much and talking too little.

    8. My sport is fencing. I coach, I referee, I accompany international teams - but actually I'm not very good at the actual fencing bit.

    9. I have a doppelgänger. His name is David Mitchell, he's a well-known comedian in the UK, and we share faces, opinions and a birthday. I once had lunch with his ex-girlfriend and she addressed me as 'David' throughout. People shout his name at me on the street. My work ID card bears a photo of Mr. Mitchell and nobody's said a thing.

    10. I've read all 8 volumes of Anne of Green Gables. The last three cheat by bringing in unrelated children with little to engage the reader, and the last two are deeply rightwing. I'd still like to live on Prince Edward Island though.

    Will that do?

  4. That will do just fine thanks PV, very interesting even despite every effort to not appear so :-)

  5. PS I just google imaged David Mitchell so now I'm fully equipped to start stalking you... your goose is cooked.

    mwah hahahahahahah

  6. Lou - that is great and fun to see PV's list. And yes we never know what can happen when we open up to the world. I believe my whole story of meeting my current husband is in the blog -- posted on May 24th.


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