Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday night and the lights are low

Just a quick post before bed.

I’m tired and slightly drunk. It’s been another long week, work continues to be frantic and I seem to be running around after Rory almost every night. I would almost kill for a sleep in tomorrow but he has another early football game….so maybe Sunday.

Have a great weekend everyone.


An Estonian woman gave birth to a daughter on June 11 on board the Baltic Queen, a large passenger ferry en route from Sweden to Estonia. The company is gifting the child free travel on the ship for ever. See the story here. Cool.


  1. Rest easy -- have a great weekend!!! Football aside - I miss those days believe it or not.

  2. Now Lou, you shouldn't blog while drunk. Even a tiny bit drunk. You never know what secrets may slip out. But if you really have a juicy secret go ahead and post it. No one is gonna see it right. You are amongst friends. We won't tell.

  3. Yes I can understand that Joanne - in a flash kids are grown up and living their life.

    Lol Lori you're probably right. I'll be more careful next time.

  4. By the time I get around to responding to your late night posts, it is 10 or 11 a.m. there. So I will assume that you are now sober. Therefore that makes my comment about your tipsyness invalid.

    Enjoy the game. Go home and take a nap afterwards.

  5. Hope you enjoyed the game. And for being a good mum you get to have a lie in tomorrow.

  6. Yeah jadedj aren't time zones a bitch - they sure complicate things.

    Cheers Lorri appreciate that :-)


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