Thursday, July 9, 2009

Safety with a difference

Those of you who read here regularly will know that I commute to work by air a day or two per week to our capital city, Wellington. I have a shockingly large carbon footprint I am sorry to say.

Anyway, a few weeks back a brand new safety video message was unveiled by Air New Zealand and it makes me smile.. They’re not actors either, they really are Air New Zealand cabin crew. Brave, especially the woman at the end. Check it out.

Painted On


  1. I saw this on Joe.My.God. and it took a sec before I knew what i was seeing.
    Makes me smile, too.

  2. Next they will make the passengers "dress" accordingly. How much fun will your commute be then Lou?

  3. Of course in the event of something going wrong, no one will remember any of the instructions and proceed directly to the panic button anyway, but at least they have tried.


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