Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Two for Tuesday

I) Winter weather update, Papakura, NZ



It’s very cold here but at least the watery sunshine is trying hard to push through the clouds right now (9:45am Tuesday 14th). We’ve had some serious weather over the last few days, bad storms.

I have flu and am tucked up in bed feeling miserable. Can’t even find out if is swine flu (not that it matters) as NZ has now stopped testing for N1H1. Not that I could get out of bed to go to the doctors anyway - too crook.

Can I get a rousing  “get well soon Lou”?


II) Cottage Envy

Cottage_1Cute. It would smell good too.


  1. Get well soon Lou. Tuck into bed and stay there until you are better. Not only because we care but because we don't want you spreading your lousy germs all over the place.

  2. Yes, get well soon Lou! A few days of R & R in that cottage and you'll be good as new.

  3. I bet I would be bard. Happier anyway.

    The temperature is up to 10 degrees C (don't know how to do the little o thing sorry) so house not quite so freezing now. In NZ we mostly don't have central heating - we think we live in the tropics.

  4. I should say, in Auckland we don't have central heating. The rest of the country mostly has more sense.

  5. Hope you recover quickly. I envy you the cold weather though.
    My colleague's boys have swine flu: it's not so bad!

  6. Feel better soon - stay warm and rest up!!

  7. Ohh Lou -be warm and healthy soon. You know summer is close -- well getting there.


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