Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting around to it…

It’s tough keeping up the motivation levels when the weather is wet and cold. All I want to do when I get home from work is hibernate though there are plenty of jobs I should be looking at – my overgrown garden is one such chore.

Even if I could spend half an hour of my very limited daylight ‘free’ time each day, I might make some progress after a few days. Then I could allow another 30 minutes daily for some window cleaning as my windows are heading towards being opaque.

Or not…Pie Chart

I think maybe I’ll leave them until spring.


  1. Then Spring comes and it's too nice to stay inside and clean windows!

    It's a vicious circle.

  2. There's something to be said for spoiling one's self during the colder months.

    Find a compromise position and then allow yourself to slip occasionally on the side of creature comfort - sloth and indolence are vastly underrated in my opinion.

  3. You can make a list of what to do in the spring so it is not like you are completly procrastinating. Just don't put a date or name on this list and it can be rotated year round. Or you could make the list later.

  4. Lou - winter is for hibernation - listen to nature and just relax. Spring is when we "spring" into action. Just please send some cooler weather to Lori and myself.

  5. Or, if you put off the windows, you won't have to look at what needs to be done outside. Relax, have a glass of some fine NZ wine, and think this out. No need to act hastily.

  6. OK all I get the message - I will now just chill out without guilt and try and switch off seeing the dismal state of the place. Spring will come soon enough and I'll pull finger then and get things done...yayyy can relax!


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