Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Joy Joy Joy

I’m inspired by the ‘joy lists’ published by edder from I don’t care for your tone and DuPree from chlorine in the gene pool.  I wasn’t tagged but I'm doing it anyway, just because…

Things that bring me joy;

  • a roaring wood fire on a cold wet night
  • a new hair cut and colour
  • gently waking to birdsong on summer holiday
  • the butterflies that go with a first date
  • a comfy chair in a warm spot and a good book
  • my skin tingling in the sun after swimming in the sea
  • driving with the top down
  • my girlfriends and a jug of icy margarita
  • a good movie in a luxury cinema (one with recliners)
  • a rollercoaster ride with a child


  1. Walking in the rain
    A good book and a plate of olives/quality cheese
    Utter silence
    Getting the crease perfect while ironing
    A good fleche (fencing move) where you both know the hit's coming, whatever your opponent does.
    Being appreciated sometimes.
    Sneaking off to a good cafe for tea and gossip in work hours!
    Spending an entire day in a record shop

  2. Lovely! I have to concur with the comfy chair and good book!

  3. I haven't had a first date in 34 years but my hubby can still give me butterflies. I have had the pitchers of margaritas with the friends many times.

  4. Nice list PV - I agree that it's wonderful to feel appreciated. Happens so rarely *sigh*

    DuPree - that's is why I could never work from home. I'd never get anything done as long as gthere's a decent book in the house.

    Lucky you Lori - wow 34 years, did you get together when you were 2 :-)


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